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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

It's all about Christ our Savior!

As I have been so busy with all the goings on of this festive time of year I have been reminded to keep the focus on Christ!  Lately I have been thinking a lot about the "gift"of Christ.  I have seen signs and artwork that say "True love was born in a stable".  It is a sweet thought but more importantly it is true!  God out of His loving kindness gave the sinful world the gift of Salvation in His Son.  What greater love could there be?

I read this article on a blog called the Cripplegate that answers 7 questions about true Christmas.  The first question he addresses is; What is Christmas?  His answer:     "Christmas is the celebration of Jesus’ incarnation. This is actually the most critical of all the questions. When Christmas is simply seen as the celebration of God becoming man, the rest of the questions should grow wings and take flight."  -Jesse Johnson

He also said this in response to; If it is Jesus' Birthday, why do we give gifts to each other?:
Christmas is not so much Jesus’ birthday, as it is a celebration of God giving his son to the world. “Birthday” sort of trivializes it. But we give gifts because Christmas is a celebration of God’s gift to us. Christmas is an occasion to show love and joy to those whom we love, and it is a time of celebration. Gifts are simply a way to express that joyful celebration.  -Jesse Johnson

These are things I have known and "believed" but never understood and adopted as my own convictions.  I have had a wonderful Christmas season this year!  Maybe it's because I got shopping done a little earlier than usual or because my house is more in order than usual or maybe it is because I have directed my attention intentionally toward Christ and the undeserving gift I have been given and the joy of that has overflowed as Christmas cheer!
MERRY CHRISTMAS to you!  I pray that you know the true gift of Love in Salvation this Christmas and all to come!

I can't help but share this article also...  I am often asked why my kids don't believe in Santa...  I just say...  "Well, he's not real and Jesus Christ is." and leave it at that but this article shares great biblical truth on the matter and is pretty much how we feel about it too!  The Cripplegate- Santa?  Obviously, from previous posts, we have a lot of fun with Christmas...  Hiding Elves, and seeing Santa movies but we and the kids know it's all pretend just like other fairy-tale type movies.  And we enjoy it just the same.

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