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Sunday, October 30, 2011

I'm just gona do it...

I have hesitated to post recently because I think that I have to have lots of time to sit down ans write a ton or lots of time to prepare pictures for posting etc.  But this Sunday afternoon, the kids are napping, Brian is catching a quick nap in front of the football game and I decided it was just going to get something done.  My task to complete:  "the closet"  my clothes closet has become the catch-all for anything that doesn't have a place.  We don't have much storage space in this town home so every little corner of the closets gets used.  But it has started to feel very cramped in there.  So I'm going to do as a friend suggested...  Sort with this in mind....  "place it", "pass it" or "pitch it".  So since I am "just gona do it" rather than sit and waste my afternoon, I also decided to just post it also.   I'll try to remember to let you know how it goes!
  ~ Have a blessed Lords day all my loved ones!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Sweet Home... Indiana (lots and lots of pictures!!)

It has been way too long since our last trip to Indiana!  We were very excited to plan our visit over Labor Day weekend while Plymouth hosts the Blueberry Festival!!  And that we were going to be there for 10 days!!

At the Indianapolis Airport       -       The kids were quite tired from the day of traveling and slept well on our way north to Plymouth.

FINGERHUT Donuts!  One of our favorite treats!    (btw...  Brian did some photoshop work on some of these pics.  Like this one.)

Swimming at Papa and Nana's house.  Our first few days there were nice and warm!  The kids all really enjoyed the new pool!!

Birthday Lunch!  There are 5 of us Bares with birthdays in September and since Kinslie's birthday is so close we included her in the celebration too!  She sure was excited about her new toy!!

At the Blueberry Festival!!!  After I met Brian I had been at the Blueberry every year for 6 years but I've missed the last 3 so it was great to get to go again!  Lots of fun and food and shopping!
Ella always loves to get her face painted.  Pretty hearts     -     Steve eating!  We sure did a lot of that!  Yum!
All the cousins with Uncle Steve     -     Family game time!  Even with all of us playing the kid at the other end still won.
Ella and Lucas had a lot of fun playing the games!     -      Yes, Brian HAD to play the stand up the bottle game...  No, he didn't win.
 Ella and Lucas each wanted to go on rides but once they got on they both got scared and wanted off.  Sill, indecisive kiddos.     -     They sure did enjoy the fun house!
 Caden wanted to go on this ride so I went with him.  It was AWESOME!

Labor Day Parade!  It was SO cold (well, to us Floridians at least)

Brunch with Papa and Nana!!!

 Lunch with sweet friends, the Neidigs!  Ella and Lucas had fun playing with Reese and Graham.     -     And reading a book with Lindsey!

 A quick stop for ice cream on the layover on our way back home to Florida.
 We had such a lovely trip and a wonderful time with Brian's family!
(miss you guys!!!!)

Kinslie's Birthday!!

Kinslie's 1st Birthday!!
Kinslie's Birthday was Saturday, August 26th.  We started with lunch... her favorite, Macaroni and Cheese and green beans.  The adults had the Bare's version of Moe's burritos.  (I won't even tell you all of the things I forgot for this meal...  yes, even the chicken!  ugh!)
Then we opened presents.   She Loves to look at cards!

New Jewelry!  On of her most favorite things!   She will keep it on all day long!

New "Anywhere Chair"!!

 Then it was time for Cake!!   It was cupcake flowers.  My board was a little small so they were really close together.  Quite Yummy!!!

Singing Happy Birthday!  She had been able to "blow" for a few weeks but wasn't willing to blow her candle out!  

Time to eat cake!  She just poked at it for a while and licked her finger.  Eventually she took a couple of bites and that was it.
 Happy 1st Birthday to our Sweet Kinslie Faith!!!!!

Daddy and Daughters

One Sunday in August as I followed Brian and the Girls into church:

So so sweet!  I am so thankful for Brian!  He is such a good Daddy!!  And his great love for the kids shows every day!

School Time

The "fall" season brought a whole new stage to our family!  Ella started Kindergarten! AND we are home-schooling!  It's been a fun adventure!
Our first day of school was August 23.  This is the school table.

We have school at home 3 days a week and one day at Classical Conversations, aka: CC (see details about this below).  Besides the CC curriculum we have Bible, Handwriting, Math and Reading.
Ella's favorite subject is Math.  It's a lot of fun right now learning the calendar, playing with shapes and blocks to make patterns. I think it may be a little too easy for her...  she's beyond shapes and colors.  So this week we are going to start the 1st grade book to see how it goes.  (I love home-schooling for this reason.  -We can work at her pace in each subject.  Focus on specific interests or areas of weakness. )
Handwriting is her least favorite.  She struggles with being positive and motivated when she doesn't get it right the very first time.  But when she slows down, and thinks through each letter she does very well and that makes her very happy.  Hard work brings great reward!
Our "theme" Bible verse is Colossians 3:23 "Whatever you do, do all of your work, hardily, as unto the Lord and not for men."  I try to help her to focus on doing her best and that doesn't always mean perfect.

 New school supplies!!  I included Lucas in this treat too! Pencils, glue, scisors, tape, crayons, etc.

About Classical Conversations (CC)
     CC programs model the three stages of classical learning—grammar (elementary), dialectic(4th -6th grade), and rhetoric (Jr. high and high school). Ella is the grammar stage,  Using age appropriate methods, children are taught the tools for studying any subject.   The Classical model emphasizes mastery of facts during the early years. This gives students a foundation on which to build later learning and a solid framework where ideas can be categorized and compared as students mature.  The subjects in the CC curriculum are History and timeline (from creation to current events), science, grammar, geography, latin and art
Every week each child gives a presentation (a little bit like show and tell for the 5 year olds).  They are learning to speak in front of peers as well as listen to others speak.  Ella loves this!  She loves everything about CC!  They have created a very exciting learning environment!  I also am excited about the education I am getting!  :)
Ready for their first day of CC!

Friends at CC ready for fhe first day.

Ella's classroom and classmates. 

Ella's first presentation and the class tutor Miss. Sonya.

Saturday, October 8, 2011


Kinslie's 1 year Picture!!!!

Hi Ella and Lucas!  They have been my little "photographers helpers" each month.  They can always get Kins to smile!

She's on the move!
By the way:  She has 5 teeth now.  The last 3 have come within the last 4 weeks.  It's a good thing to because she's been eating like a little piggy.
Birthday Party Pictures to come...

Time Flys...

...when you're having FUN!
Our Dear, Long-lost, Friends and Family,
       It has bee 2 years, 8 months and 27 days since I last posted on this blog.  I've never been a faithful blogger but I have recently been inspired to get back to it.  I simply want this to be a way to keep our long distance family and friends updated with pictures and a close up look at some of our little adventures in life.  During Kinslie's first year I was pretty good at sending an e-mail each month with some pictures but since she is a year now I don't take those monthly pictures anymore.  This way I can post a little note and a few pics more often.
       Since I'm "new-again" at blogging I'm not 100% sure but I think if you put your e-mail address in the box on the right hand side (scroll down a bit) you will get an e-mail each time I post so you can stay up to date with us more easily.
     I hope that you enjoy this and I pray that my heart will stay faithful to this task of love.

Our Family about the time of our last post:

The kids now:
(yes it's true...  I don't have even one pic of all of us together since in the last 9 months. -totally embarrassed-)