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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

25 days of Christmas... part 2

10.  Make Christmas Crafts.  ~We made a few crafts as gifts this year...  I can't post pictures or it would ruin the surprise for some of you.  But I can share about one of them because it has already been given.

Cookie cutter Christmas ornaments.  These were fun but a little tricky and I loved how they turned out.
First use the cookie cutters as stencils to trace and cut the pictures.  I also used black construction paper behind each picture to fill in some holes.  Punch a hole at the top of each picture.  It's hard to see but we also dipped the front edge of the cookie cutters in glue then glitter.  Let that dry then dip the back edge in glue and put the pictures on.  I placed them on tin foil and set a book on top to let dry.  String a ribbon through the hole and give to someone you love!

BTW:  I have been saving the foam trays that come when you buy a bundle of apples or vegetables at the grocery store.  They are GREAT for crafts!   Paint or glue trays, great to hold small buttons and pom poms or as a glitter catcher.   See...

And then the kids also made popsicle stick snowflakes, just for fun.
Ella's         and          Lucas'

Then we had Pumpkin Pancakes!!  Yum!!  Recipe here

11. Christmas with Papa and Nana.  ~This is such a great story!  Ready?...  Saturday morning I got a phone call from Brian's mom.  (They live in Indiana) She told me our Christmas presents were going to arrive that night at 10:30.  I couldn't figure out how she knew the exact time and why so late on a Saturday night?  She went on to say they were coming in to the Palm Beach airport.  She said she was thinking about sending the kids presents and thought it would be so much fun to deliver them in person.  So as long as we didn't have plans they would be on their way.  See, She's a flight attendant so they can do that.  So they jumped on a plane and came!  We woke the kids up when Papa and Nana got to the house for a midnight Christmas party.  The next morning we had a big breakfast and celebrated Christmas together!  It was so much fun!  They had to leave around 2 that very day so it was a very short trip but the best surprise of the year!  I love their spontaneity!

Papa and Nana Bare!  Aren't they Lovely!  I'm so glad to be in their family!

This was in the middle of the night when we woke the kids.  They had way way too much energy!!

Opening gifts!  Merry (early) Christmas! 

Nana and Kins!
Lucas really was around the whole time but for some reason missed getting in the pictures.

12. Play a game together  ~At the Dollar store we found a card game with Bible trivia questions.  It's a lot of fun.  At least Ella and I have enjoyed it!

13. Bethlehem Village  ~In Coral Springs there is a church that builds a huge Bethlehem village for people to visit.  We went 2 years ago and it was just as much fun this year!

Me and my little loves!  Waiting in line with hot chocolate of course!  Even though it's not really cold here we still pretend!  ...a lot!

While waiting in line the Roman guards walked around interacting with the people.  They were not very nice!  (acting) but it did scare Ella a little bit.  Then we saw the shepherds in the fields and they told us about the angels announcement of the Saviors birth!

Ella was most excited to go back to the Midwife booth where they show you how they cleaned and wrapped a newborn baby.  She even brought her baby Hello Kitty to have swaddled properly.

There were lots of other booths where we learned how they made bread, olive oil, paper and ink.  There was so much to see!       And of couse finally we found baby Jesus in the stable with Mary, Joseph and the animals!
Funny story:  After we left Ella said "that baby pretending to be Jesus was really a girl baby Mommy."  I asked her how she could know that.  She said it must be because it has curly hair!  Ha-ha!

14.  Decorate Gingerbread houses  ~This was the Best!!  The kids had so much fun!
We're Ready!!

 Look at my gingerbread house!!   And it's yummy too!!

Ella admiring her yummy decorations and trying a taste.

Kinslie enjoying some graham crackers

Mommy's house (though you can't tell any difference from the kids)  Ta-Da!  We are proud of our work!

15. Christmas Concert  ~Our Church puts on a wonderful Christmas concert and this year we waited too late to get our tickets so we went on Thursday night to the dress rehearsal.  The music was amazing and it was nice to be able to let the kids move around a little bit.

16. Wrap and take gifts to ITA  ~Brian bought a small tree for the office so Ella has been asking to get presents for everyone there.  So we had picked out some dart guns and shooters from the dollar store for them.  Ella LOVES to wrap and the guys at the office really seemed to have fun opening up some toys!

17.  Christmas shopping with Daddy  ~Brian took Ella and Lucas to the mall to do some shopping for me...  insert excited grin.  Kinslie and I tagged along but went to different stores.  It was one of the most quiet and enjoyable shopping days I have had in a long time!  I enjoyed myself very much!  And got some new makeup.  I'll post about that later.  Brian said Ella displayed amazing shopping skills...  They would go into a store, he directed her to the right section and let her pick a few things.  When she made some choices they talked about prices and she made the choice and then paid for it by herself too!  That's my girl!  : )

18.  Make a Christmas craft  ~Sock Snowman.  SO easy and the kids are loving them!  They are just filled with rice and we used rubber bands to separate the two parts and tie off the top.  Glued on eyes and buttons with hot glue.

19. Bake for neighbors and deliver  ~I tried a new recipe to give to our neighbors this year.  It's Pumpkin and Cream Bread.  It was quite yummy!!  Get the recipe here

20. Gift wrapping Day  ~Ella has gained my love of wrapping!  So we got started on all the wrapping to be done!

Only 4 more countdown days to come!

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Susie said...

Wow!! I love all of this, and that is SO SO fun about Brian's parents!! What a great memory