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Saturday, November 15, 2008

Catching up -October

A look at October...

Lucas isn't sitting up on his own here but he likes to be in the middle of the action... This "bumbo" seat has been really great!

Lucas is helping Daddy do some "work". (We have a very similar picture of Ella helping Daddy at this age)

We got a little distracted while doing laundry... Who could resist this kind of cuteness!!

Bath Time! I just started putting them together in the big tub. It sure is easier this way! Lucas is such a kicker... I think if we put him in the pool he would just start swimming. He kicks so intensely for several minutes then looks at you like "do you see what I'm doing, isn't it great!"

I just love bath time pictures... They just looks so clean and cuddly!

Lucas loves to watch Ella! She makes him laugh so much! In this picture, Ella wanted to be just like Lucas and lay on a bear!

This was our Family Dedication at church! Such a sweet reminder of the precious gifts God has given us the opportunity to shepherd and train up in righteousness.

Lucas is just starting to sit up alone. It only lasted long enough to snap a couple of pictures. He hasn't really progressed much in sitting but he is starting to scoot these days.

Snuggled up and ready for bed! They are in Ella's bed here.

Our little Colts / Bears fan! We can't forget our roots!

And of course we also had our trip to the pumpkin patch and the harvest festival but you can read more about those in previous posts!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Catching up -September

Some Pictures from September!...

Brian and Ella playing with her sewing cards... Go COlTS!

As I was sitting in the living room I heard one of the kitchen chairs being slid across the tile floor... this is what I found. When I asked what she was doing she proudly replied, "Just getting a little snack Mommy!"

We have been making our own pizza lately! Our grocery store sells the dough so we just have to roll it out and add our toppings! YUM!

Lucas sure loves Ella! She can always make him laugh! I think she likes the attention too!

Playing this his toes!

At the beach... first we buried Ella's feet then she and Daddy buried Mommies feet!

Having brownies with friends! (This little table was my dad's when he was Ella's age and I played with it as a little girl too.)

Wearing new outfits from Aunt Angie's trip to Key Largo.

Lucas is sitting up much better but not on his own quite yet. Thank you Great Grandma Engle for the teddy bear!
First bites of baby cereal! He's liking it quite a lot lately!

Catching up -August

A few pictures from August...

Ella is learning to match Daddies socks! And Lucas likes to watch us as we work on the laundry.

Daddy and the kids!

Ella cooking in her kitchen. She chose to wear her shoes and sweater with her jammies and her apron and chef's hat. Quite stylish I think!

Getting a little trim.

Tummy time for Lucas... playing with his first tonka truck!

This is the first and only time Ella has fallen asleep at the table. So so sweet! I guess lunch was a little dull this day.

Lucas is starting to sit up... with support!

Harvest Festival

The harvest festival at our church was especially fun this year! Ella had a lot of fun with the games and was super excited to collect some candy in her new pumpkin bucket!

Ella was Snow White and Lucas was Happy the dwarf. Don't they look so precious!?! I made Lucas' costume... It's the first costume I have made and I was pretty impressed with how well it came out! It seemed like such a "Mommy" thing to do. Lots of fun!

Jumping in the bounce house.
Cinderella (Naomi) and Snow White (Ella).

Bat Girl (Claire), Queen Isabella (Karys) and Snow White (Ella)

Getting her face painted, it's a flower. Last year this made her cry. She's growing up!

The end of the night... Ella has lots of candy and Lucas has become Sleepy the dwarf!

Pumpkin Patch

This week we finally had the feeling of fall in out weather. The temperature even got down below 60 degrees. We just loved it! And just in time for our Harvest festivities!

A local church does a pumpkin patch every year and we always love to go! This year we waited too late and there were not as many pumpkins to pick from but we still enjoyed ourselves and found 3 fine pumpkins! (Lucas got a little tiny one)

Picking just the right one!

How about this one?!?

Say... Pumpkins!

Our Fall Family
We saw some friends there, Ella had so much fun running around with Karys and Claire!
Kessa loved talking to Lucas!