Trust in the Lord, and do good; dwell in the land, and cultivate faithfulness. Psalm 37:3
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Monday, June 30, 2008

Feeling Sentimental

On Father's Day our pastor took a moment before the sermon to tell us about his recent trip to Geneva, Switzerland and tribal areas of South Africa. He shared how evident it was that the legacy of the Gospel of Christ is absolutely lost our world today. From the beautiful international city of Geneva to the destitute villages of South Africa the Godlessness is so obvious. The legacy of the Gospel has not be passed down from the generations past. And being Father's Day he pointed out how important it is for father's to be sober to our Godless society and their responsibility to teach their families the ever valuable legacy of Christ. The TRUE Gospel of Christ.

I began to think of my own family. So very thankful that God has saved my Husband and instilled a strong desire to faithfully lead his family in biblical faith. The Legacy that God passed on through His son Christ is the gospel we are commanded to pass on to the next generation.

~*~ Thank you Lord for Your work in Brian's life and for giving him a heart full of love for his family and our eternal souls! ~*~

Psalm 78:1-8 ~ The strenght and the wondrous works of the Lord passed down from past generations... Teach these things to your children that they might put their confidence in God and keep His commandments.

Proverbs 3:1-15 ~ My Son, Listen to my instruction that you might trust in the Lord.

I Love you Brian!!!!!


Lucas at 2 months and Ella at 2 years and 4 months.

Family Vacation

We went on a little family vacation in celebration of Brian and I's 5th anniversary! Can you believe it's been 5 years!... 5 years full of the Lord's blessings! We went to Hutchinson Island. It's about an hour north of us. We had a really great time. We left Jupiter on Thursday evening, June 5th. That night we went to a great little pizza place for dinner and then went back to the resort to swim.

Being in a hotel room for the first time with the two kids I wasn't sure how the night would go but Ella slept quite well through Lucas' night time feedings.

Friday morning we went out for breakfast at yummy Cracker Barrel. Then Brian took me for a pedicure! Ella even got to get her finger nails painted. (a very pale pink) :o) And back to the hotel for lots of swimming!

Some Pictures of the weekend:

Hanging out

At the Pool and Beach

Loaded into the stroller for a walk to the ice cream shop. Lucas spent most of his time sleeping in the shade.

Saturday morning we hung out at the beach and pool again, then went for ice cream. And Ella got to go for a Pirate Treasure Hunt! She was even the one with the key to open the treasure chest! She had so much fun with that! She is really starting to come out of her shell! A few months ago she would have rather stood back and watched the other kids participate but she really got involved and even talked with the Pirate!

We ended the weekend with a late lunch at Benihana's, a Hibachi girl! We had so much fun there! Our Chef was quite entertaining as he prepared the food and it was delicious!

The weekend sure was one to remember! My husband and children are so precious to me! Although life is like a roller coaster, very fast and quite up and down, these opportunities to take time to stop and enjoy our loves ones are so precious!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

A month with Lucas here

It's been almost a month since I have posted... It's not like I haven't been busy I guess! :o) These last 4 weeks have been great! I think my favorite thing about being a family of four is being able to say "the kids". That just warms my heart! There have been so many times that I feel like I could cry because the joy is so overwhelming! "My cup runeth over" The Lords blessings are so rich!

As you can see... Our little Ford Focus is quite cozy with both car seats in the back.

When Lucas is fussing Ella always thinks he would want his paci... Because she would of course! :o) She is almost always gentle with him.
Yesterday I heard her talking about our family (making up some sort of story in her imagination I'm sure), "Daddy, Mommy, Ella... then a pause... and Baby Lucas. I was touched that she really thinks of him as a part of our family! She has accepted him, and the amount of attention he requires, so well!
Lucas is such a good baby! He typical feeds every 3 hours and has been sleeping for 4 hours at the beginning of the night. During the day he is either sleeping or pretty much content to sit and observe! He fusses only when in need of something! I am grateful that he doesn't require so much attention that I would feel I am neglecting Ella in some way. I still have special times with her often through out the day as well as time to sit and love on him too!

I have taken Lucas' first "growing up" picture with the same bear that I took the pictures of Ella with! I think each month I will also take one with Ella in it with him!

On May 29th Lucas had his first check up. At 3 weeks he was already 8 pounds, 5 ounces! He sure is a growing boy!
On Memorial Day we spent some time by the pool at my parents house ... Doesn't Lucas look cute showing off his muscles in his little beach shorts! Ella doesn't ask to hold Lucas often but she takes really good care of him when she does hold him.

In this picture, Brian was doing push ups so Ella wanted to ride! :o)

There is more to come... This weekend Brian is taking us on a mini family vacation! We are going about an hour north to Hutchinson Island to stay at a hotel on the beach! I'm super excited!